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Age of the Earth & Universe

Radiometric Dating
Age of the Earth - Paul Neubauer - dendrochronology, ice cores, varves, and coral growth.
Age of the Earth - Chris Stassen
Constancy of Radioactive Decay Rates: Were Adam & Eve Toast ? - Joe Meert
Creationist's Blind Dates  - Philip Kitcher
EarthHistory- Paleomap Project - Chris Scotese
Geologic Column - Glenn R. Morton
Hovind's YEC Arguments: A Close Look - Dave Matson
Isochron Dating - Chris Stassen
RadioCarbon Laboratory Info-Web -  Oxford University and the University of Waikato
Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective -  Roger C. Wiens
Radiometric Dating: Essay on  - Jonathon Woolf
Radiometric Dating: Resource List- Tim Thompson
Rebuttal to ICR RATE "Research" - Joe Meert
Refutations of Creationist Geology - Donald Wise

Crater-Counting Techniques
How We Know the Age of the Universe - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Microwave Background - A New Determination of the Age of the Universe
Myth of the Missing Moon Dust - David Wise
Super Nova SN1987A 
     The Ring Continues to Light Up: Science Vol.295 (2002) 1452-3
     Simulation of Ring Formation: Science Vol.296 (2002) 321-2
Saturn's Rings & Their Age - Tim Thompson
Supernova Remnants  Dave Moore
White Dwarfs Independently Reaffirm Universe Age

Other Methods
Ice Core Dating Don Lindsay
Greenland Ice Sheet Project GISP2 Ice Core Data
Magnetic Bands (Stripes) Link1 - Link2A - Link2B - Link3

Last Updated: 05/12/2021