Creationism and Pseudo Science

by Frank Steiger

© 1996 Frank Steiger; permission granted for retransmission.

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Click here to link to other evolution web sites.

The National Center for Science Education can provide information and assistance to those concerned about the inroads of creationism. For further information, click here.

The newsgroup has compiled a comprehensive list of FAQS (answers to frequently asked questions). These faqs cover every aspect of the creation/evolution controversy in considerable detail: talk origins faqs

The Triumph of Evolution...and the Failure of Creationsim by Niles Eldredge, a Peter N. Nevraumont Book published by W. H. Freeman & Co., exposes creationist goals and tactics in an interesting format. Anyone tempted to give credence to creationist claims should definitely read this book!

The Oakhill Free Press has published a number of books and tracts on the subject of creationism. Write to P.O. Box 61274, Pasadena, CA 91116 or E-mail to for a book list.

Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth R. Miller, published by Cliff Street Books, destroys the "independent design" arguments of Michael Behe, Phillip Johnson, et al.