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Popular General Reference Links

American Geological Institute -"Evolution & the Fossil Record"

Becoming Human - The Story of Human Evolution (
ASU & Institute of Human Origins)

The Virtual Fossil Museum - Fossils Across Geological Time &Evolution

Leakey Foundation - Committed to the Quest for Human Origins

National Academy of Sciences - Evolution Resources
      "Science, Evolution & Creationism" 2008 Edition

National Center for Science Education - Supporting the teaching of evolution

National Geographic -Collection of features on Darwin

No Answers in Genesis - An excellent refutation of Answers In Genesis

Panda's Thumb - A unique on-line evolution discussion group

PBS-WGBH Evolution Series - Captures the full force of Darwin's brilliant Insight
     Evolution Library
     Refutations of Creationist Responses to PBS Evolution

Smithsonian Institution - What Does it Mean to be Human?

Talk.Origins Archive - Extensive collection of articles and essays
     Must Read Files

.....The Evidence for Human Evolution
to Creationist Claims

Tree of Life Web Project - Diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history

Understanding Evolution - UC Berkeley (For the General Public & Teachers) 

University of California Museum of Paleontology - The History of Life
     Learning From the Fossil Record - Education Resources
     MIOMAP - Miocene Mammal Mapping Project


Last Updated: 05/12/2021