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PBS Evolution Video explores the scientific meaning of the word "theory" 


Evolutionary Biology
Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny - Development & Evolution
Evolution, Science & Society "White Paper" NSF/AmNat/Sloan Foundation/Rutgers
Ken Miller's Evolution Resources Page

Reviews/Rebuttals of Jonathan Wells & Icons of Evolution
Why Much of What J. Wells Writes About Evolution is Wrong - A. Gishlick
Icons of AntiEvolution: Rebutals by New Mexicans for Science & Reason 
A Collection of Reviews - D. Lindsay
Creationism By Stealth - J. Coyne Nature 2001, 410, 745-746
Fatally Flawed Iconoclasm - E. C. Scott Science 2001, 292, 2257-2258
The Talented Mr. Wells - Padian & Gishlick Quar. Rev.of Bio., 2002, 77, 33-37
Extensive Refutation of Wells' Icons of Evolution - N. Tamzek on Talk.Origins Archive
No Icons of Evolution - M. Pigliucci BioScience, 2000, 51, 411-4
AND FINALLY - About Jonathan Wells - In His Own Words!

Thermodynamics & Evolution
Thermodynamics, Evolution & Creationism - Patterson
Second Law of Thermodynamics & Evolution - F.L.Lambert

More Links of Interest...
Beginnings of Life on Earth - Christian de Duve
Implications of A Global Flood - Mark Isaak
Probability of Abiogenisis - Ian Musgrave

Last Updated: 05/12/2021