Forcing Science to Fit Creationism

Shown below is an excerpt taken from the ICR website. One of dozens of examples showing how creation "science" is not science but pure religion trying to lend scientific authority to its beliefs.  Creationists use science where they can, but invoke the supernatural to make accepted scientific evidence conform to their interpretation of scripture. 

Creationists do not accept that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, thus they have claimed that radiometric dating is wrong because radioactive decay rates have decreased over the 6000 years since creation. They have recently realized that this presents a problem, since faster decay rates imply a temperature 6000 years ago that would render the Earth molten!  So here is their "scientific" response to this problem. (Taken 7/15/01 from [emphasis added])

"One major obstacle to accelerated decay is an explanation for the disposal of the great quantities of heat which would be generated by radioactive decay over short periods of time. For example, if most of the radioactive decay implied by fission tracks or quantities of daughter products occurred over the year of the Flood, the amount of heat generated would have been excessive, given present conditions."

"At least one theory of cosmology has been proposed which would compensate for this large amount of heat and possibly even result in net volumetric cooling in places. Such theories seem to ultimately to depend upon supernatural intervention at the time of Creation, Fall, and the Flood. God's intervention is explicitly stated in Scripture (II Peter 3:5,6 and implied elsewhere). Although these theories have not been adequately explored at this time, they could well result in an alternative explanation to many processes in the earth and cosmos. The group is strongly committed to exploring various ways in which data for large quantities of radioactive decay can be explained within a young-earth time frame. In this effort, the group is committed to a literal interpretation of the Bible which honors God as Creator and Sustainer of this world."

"This project has the potential to revolutionize scientific thinking on radioisotope dating.It also could go a long way toward turning the tide at the outset of the 21st century away from old-age naturalistic evolution toward the young-earth, God-honoring creation model. Many non-Christians and Christians alike are convinced that radioisotope data justify the long periods of time needed for evolution to occur. If this group can develop a credible understanding of radioisotope data from a young-earth perspective, many people would be more open to a reliance on a literal interpretation of the Bible. Their faith would be bolstered and their confidence in God's Word restored."

Their total lack of scientific understanding is arrogantly expressed by their statement "potential to revolutionize scientific thinking".  In other words, using supernatural intervention to explain a part of their "theory" will result in a "scientific revolution"??!! Don't hold your breath!!!

Last Updated: 6/10/04