Quotations by Creationists

Henry Morris, founder of the Institute for Creation Research:

There is not the slightest possibility that the facts of science can contradict the Bible, and therefore, there is no need to fear that a truly scientific comparison of any aspect of the two models of origins can ever yield a verdict in favor of evolution.

But the main reason for insisting on the universal Flood as a fact of history and as the primary vehicle for geological interpretation is that God's Word plainly teaches it! No geologic difficulties, real or imagined, can be allowed to take precedence over the clear statements and necessary inferences of Scripture.
Biblical Cosmology and Modern Science (1970) p.32-33

The only way we can determine the true age of the earth is for God to tell us what it is. And since He has told us, very plainly, in the Holy Scriptures that it is several thousand years in age, and no more, that ought to settle all basic questions of terrestrial chronology. p. 94, The Remarkable Birth of Planet Earth

The practice of homosexuality...is now is now considered not only acceptable but even desirable by most evolutionists. Back to Genesis, No. 140, August, 2000.

Emerson Thomas McMullen web page:

In the creationist web page entitled No Evidence for Creation-Scientists' Research and Darwinism , edited by Emerson Thomas McMullen (http://www2.gasou.edu/facstaff/etmcmull/Noev.htm), the following statement is "quoted" from Steven M. Stanley, The New Evolutionary Timetable, (New York: Basic Books, Inc., 1981), p. 73: ". . . no human has ever seen a new species form in nature."

This is a distortion of the original statement, which is:

Another difficulty is our inability to witness, at first hand, events that are rare even on a geological scale of time. Although some species have undoubtedly originated during our recorded history, no human has ever seen a new species form in nature.