Kent Hovind Sermon

The following is a May 9, 1999 report by Stephen Meyers-posted by permission. Dr. Meyers has a Doctor in Theology degree, Th.D., and three master's degrees all from very conservative religious schools.

Additional background information inserted is shown in brackets and italics. The reader should investigate Hovind's "evidence" before accepting his arguments. He/she will discover that they are invariably based on gross distortions, misquotes out of context, and outright falsehoods.

I just got back from hearing Kent Hovind at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia. I discovered some amazing new things. Below are some of the late breaking news.

1. Hovind has discovered a cure for cancer. A vitamin B17 deficiency causes cancer just like vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy. Taking B17 plus C will cure your cancer. See or

2. "The whiter the bread, the quicker you're dead" because white bread lacks vitamin E and lecithin.

3. Adam and Eve were vegetarians which is one reason they lived so long, 900 plus years.

4. ICA stones from Peru show clear drawings of dinosaurs indicating that man and dinosaurs live together.

5. In ancient literature what were called "dragons" where actually dinosaurs. The way they killed these dragons, namely T-Rex, was to pull off their small arm, and let them bleed to death. (I would like to see Kent Hovind try to pull the arm of a T-Rex).

6. Leviathan mentioned in the Bible is a fire breathing dragon. (He should read the description of them in Ugaritic)

7. Noah's ark probably had a big "moon hole" in it with 12 anchors to hold it down. Noah was 12 feet tall. Noah' Ark is located at the Durupinar site in Turkey, just ask Ron Wyatt who has iron rivets from it. ( I don't recall God telling Noah to use rivets, but they must have been better than the ones on the Titanic).

8. We should not have any public schools. See

9. Darwin has been disproved at

10. A hyperbaric chamber can heal you and grow giants like before Noah's flood where there was 2 times the oxygen and pressure. This is confirmed by scientists who studied the air bubbles in amber (see Time Mag. Nov. 9, 1987 page 82). Dr. Mori in Japan grew a tomato plant 40 feet high yielding 15,000 tomatoes.

11. The King James Version is the only reliable translation. The KJV translates "the first day" in Genesis 1:5 and not "day one" or "one day." (Hovind needs to look at the Hebrew. The cardinal number "one" is used as opposed to the ordinal "first" as in the rest of the chapter. There also is no definite article in the Hebrew. This point was much discussed in Rabbinic literature.)

12. Warning Satan may be driving around in a UFO!

13. Radiometric dating is wrong because the moon rocks have different dates. See Carbon 14 is wrong because two bones from the same Mammoth date 22,000 and 40,000 years old.[See Radioactive Dating, Carbon 14 Dating, and Tim Thompson's comprehensive review of radioactive dating procedures.]

14. Light is slowing down (so much for E=3DMC2).[There is no scientific evidence to support this contention. See creationist speed of light argument. ]

15. There was no continental drift. No Pangea!

16. We only use 10% of our brains (This is probably true about Hovind).

17. Dinosaurs are alive and well on planet earth! Someone saw a yellow dinosaur with a beard. There are many reports of Pterodactyls flying around Papua, New Guinea that glow in the dark. Yes, I wrote "glow in the dark" just ask Carl Baugh who has been there. A fisherman caught a small dinosaur in Lake Erie near Lakewood, Ohio. It is now on display in Carl Baugh's museum in Texas. (He showed so many pictures on "supposed dinosaurs" that I thought I ought to find dozens of dinosaurs in the Delaware River. PS marine reptiles are not dinosaurs, but don=92t confuse Hovind with the facts).

I would recommend this seminar to anyone who wants a good laugh, but sadly most attending were taking everything in as gospel truth.